Christine Bauer; copyright: Foto Weinwurm

I am a Senior Postdoc Researcher at the Institute of Computational Perception at Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria. My research activities center on interactive intelligent systems where my research vision is to leverage intelligent systems and embed them into sociotechnical ecosystems to benefit humans and society. In my research, I take a human-centered perspective, where technology follows humans’ and the society‚Äôs needs.

Currently, I work on my Elise Richter excellence project entitled “Fine-grained Culture-aware Music Recommender Systems” (2017-2020) sponsored by Austrian Science Fund (FWF).

I am passionate about the human perspective in the interaction with intelligent systems, whereby my goal is to include all relevant stakeholders’ perspectives.

Scientific fields of interest

<algorithmic curation>, <context-adaptive systems>, <context conceptualization>, <context-aware computing>, <human-centered computing>, <user-centered computing>, <recommender systems>, <music recommender systems>, <personalized systems>, <multi-method evaluation>, <online self-disclosure>, <privacy>, <creative industries>, <music business research>, <human computer interaction>, <user behaviour>, <ubiquitous computing>, <pervasive advertising>, <context-adaptive digital signage>, <system design processes>, <design-orientated research>, <cross-cultural studies>, <applied informatics>, <digital ecosystems>, <multi-stakeholder environments>