On this page, I list a selection of press articles and media appearances about me or my work.

20 February 2023, Jarryd Willis on Medium. ūüéĶThe Gender Play Gap (in English).

30 September 2022, Christine Bauer on CHI Nederland. CHI NL Read: Conformity Effect Across Cultures (in English).

15 August 2022, Recsperts Podcast. Music Recommender Systems, Fairness and Evaluation with Christine Bauer (in English).

01 February 2022, Christine Bauer on Turning Magazine. Music recommendations: and I still haven't found what I'm looking for (in English).

22 February 2022, Jarryd Willis on Medium. Most Cars Are Women (in English).

14 January 2022, Andrew Anderson on Loud And Quiet. Man, what a song: how algorithms reinforce music’s gender imbalance (in English).

21 December 2021, Kajal Gupta on Which services pay artists the best? (in English).

19 December 2021, Jean-Yves Alric on Presse-Citron. Spotify, Apple Music : quels services rémunèrent le mieux les artistes? (in French).

07 October 2021, Friso Wiersum & Rosa Wevers on IMPAKT TV. Music and algorithms: IMPAKT TV with Wilbert Mutsaers and Christine Bauer (in English).

21 July 2021, Christoph Drösser on ada Magazin. Falsche Freunde (in German).

10 July 2021, NuevoPeriodico. Cómo Spotify siempre encuentra tu canción favorita (in Spanish).

09 July 2021, tekdeeps. How Spotify always finds your favorite song (in English).

09 July 2021, Roel van der Heijden on NEMO Kennislink. De dj is een algoritme: Hoe Spotify steeds jouw favoriete nummer vindt (in Dutch).

02 July 2021, Raquel Carneiro & Amanda Capuano on Veja. Algoritmos: a intelig√™ncia artificial j√° chegou ‚Äď e dominou nossas vidas (in Portuguese).

01 July 2021, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Utrecht University. Music recommenders show a strong gender bias (in English).

13 May 2021, Elouise Hobbs on The Indiependent. Breaking The Algorithm To Fix Music's Gender Divide (in English).

06 May 2021, Guilherme Ravache on UOL. Algoritmo do Spotify privilegia m√ļsicos homens, diz pesquisa (in Portuguese).

03 May 2021, Katia Dansoko Touré on Libération. Le streaming musical préfère les mecs (in French).

30 April 2021, Outrage. Study finds gender bias in music recommendation algorithms (in English).

29 April 2021, Clément Arbrun on Terrafemina. Voilà pourquoi vous entendez peu de chanteuses sur les plateformes de streaming (in French).

28 April 2021, Juliette Thévenot on Les algorithmes des plateformes de streaming musical mettraient plus en avant les artistes masculins (in French).

27 April 2021, Yann Contegat on Daily Geek Show. Les algorithmes musicaux recommandent beaucoup moins d'artistes féminines, selon cette étude (in French).

24 April 2021, Alberto Iglesias Fraga on El Espa√Īol. M√ļsica y sesgo de g√©nero: la inteligencia artificial amplifica la discriminaci√≥n en el arte (in Spanish).

23 April 2021, Technology Networks. Music Recommendation Algorithms May Have Built-In Gender Bias (in English).

22 April 2021, Anna Tisora and √ąlia Gea on enderrock. El patriarcat tamb√© √©s als algoritmes de recomanaci√≥ musical (in Spanish).

22 April 2021, Devrupa Rakshit on The Swaddle. Female Artists Are Less Likely to Feature in Music App Recommendations, Study Finds (in English).

21 April 2021, Felicity Martin on DMY. Streaming algorithms amplify gender bias, study suggests (in English).

21 April 2021, E&T. Music recommendation algorithms show gender bias (in English).

21 April 2021, La Rep√ļblica. Un estudi de la UPF troba biaix de g√®nere en els algoritmes de recomanaci√≥ musical (in Catalan).

21 April 2021, Vishwam Sankaran on The Independent. Music recommendation algorithms increase gender gap by promoting fewer female artists, study suggests (in English).

20 April 2021, A study finds gender bias in music recommendation algorithms (in English).

17 April 2021, Diari de Barcelona. Un estudi troba biaix de gènere en els algoritmes de recomanació musical (in Catalan).

16 April 2021, Diari de Girona. Un estudi troba biaix de gènere en els algoritmes de recomanació musical (in Catalan).

16 April 2021, Un estudi de la UPF troba biaix de gènere en els algoritmes de recomanació musical (in Catalan).

15 April 2021, Computable. El equilibrio de género en sistemas de recomendaciones musicales (in Spanish).

15 April 2021, Ibercampus. Hallan sesgo de género en los algoritmos de recomendación musical desde la UPF (in Catalan).

15 April 2021, NacióDigital. Els algoritmes de plataformes musicals com Spotify o iTunes són masclistes, segons un estudi de la UPF (in Catalan).

14 April 2021, Computable. Algoritmes zangeres-onvriendelijk (in Dutch).

14 April 2021, Rose Heijnen on NPO Radio 1, Focus. Algoritmes die muziek aanbevelen benadelen vrouwelijke artiesten (in Dutch).

13 April 2021, InqPOP! and Study reveals sexist algorithm among music platforms favors male artists (in English).

12 April 2021, Fred Jacobs on Jacobs media strategies. Are Music Streaming Algorithms Sexist? (in English).

12 April 2021, The Star. Does your playlist only contain tracks by male artistes? Blame the algorithms (in English).

11 April 2021, Jean-Yes Alric on Presse-Citron. Streaming musical: ces chercheurs veulent rendre les algorithmes plus équitables (in French).

11 April 2021, ETX Studio. Does your playlist only contain tracks by male artists? Blame the algorithms (in English).

09 April 2021, Katie Strick on Evening Standard. Let's hear it for the girls: 5 of the hottest female music artists to stream now (in English).

09 April 2021, Free Malaysia Today (FMT). Algorithms to blame for male bias in music playlists (in English).

08 April 2021, Votre playlist ne contient que des titres d'artistes masculins? La faute aux algorithmes de recommandation (in French).

07 April 2021, Gillian Tett on Financial Times. Not OK, computer: music streaming's diversity problem (in English).

07 April 2021, The Music Network. Streaming services more likely to recommend songs by male musicians [report] (in English).

06 April 2021, Jonathan Chadwick on Daily Mail and MailOnline. Is Spotify's algorithm sexist? Streaming platform is more likely to recommend songs by male musicians than females, study reveals (in English).

06 April 2021, Ilaria Roncone on Giornalettisimo. L'algoritmo che ci suggerisce chi ascoltare in base ai nostri gusti su Spotify è sessista (in Italian).

06 April 2021, India Times Post. Streaming music algorithm more likely to play male artists (in English).

06 April 2021, Hannah Sparks on New York Post. Streaming music algorithm more likely to play male artists (in English).

06 April 2021, Arthi Nachiappan on The Times. Music streaming platforms have sexism wired-in (in English).

04 April 2021, Sofia Quaglia on Rolling Stone Italia. Ecco perché l’algoritmo delle app di streaming non indovina i tuoi gusti musicali (in Italian).

31 March 2021, Katyanna Quach on The Register. AI recommendations fail fans who like hard rock and hip hop‚éĮofficial science (in English).

30 March 2021, Christine Bauer & Andrés Ferraro on The Conversation. Music recommendation algorithms exclude female artists, but we can change that (in English).

30 March 2021, ńĆesk√© noviny. Studie: Hudebn√≠ algoritmy Ň°patnńõ odhaduj√≠ vkus posluchańćŇĮ mimo stŇôedn√≠ proud (in Czech).

30 March 2021, De Volkskrant. Hardrock en hiphop komen er bekaaid af in de algoritmes van muziekdiensten (in Dutch).

30 March 2021, SINC. Los algoritmos no dan con la tecla: cuesta m√°s recomendar m√ļsica para los oyentes de hip-hop o hard rock (in Spanish).

30 March 2021, Algorithmen treffen nicht jeden Geschmack (in German).

30 March 2021, Die Presse. Musik-Algorithmen tun sich mit Hardrock und Hiphop schwer (in German).

30 March 2021, DER STANDARD. Musik-Algorithmen tun sich mit Hardrockern und Hip-Hop-Hörern schwer (in German).

30 March 2021, APA. Musik-Algorithmen tun sich mit Hardrockern und Hiphop-Hörern schwer (in German).

29 December 2020, ORF Burgenland Mahlzeit Burgenland. Christine Bauer und Krautfleckerl (in German).

28 September 2020, LIWEST Blog. Christine Bauer: Musik hören mit System (in German).

21 August 2020, Cooperation of LIWEST and dorf tv. Topic: Wie wissen Online-Plattformen wie Spotify & Co, welche Musik ihren Nutzern gefällt? (in German).

July/August 2020, Die Burgenländerin. Die Top 66 Burgenländerinnen (in German).

01 July 2020, LIWEST Kundenmagazin. Musik hören mit System (in German).

01 April 2020, Burgenland Mitte. Die ganze Welt schaut auf sie! (in German).

September & October 2019, √Ė1 Radiokolleg. Maschinenmusik (in German).

22 June 2019, Vorarlberger Nachrichten. Länderunterschiede im Musikgeschmack (in German).

21 June 2019, APA. Linzer Forscher zeigen große Länderunterschiede im Musikgeschmack auf (in German).

21 June 2019, DER STANDARD. Linzer Forscher zeigen Länderunterschiede im Musikgeschmack auf (in German).

21 June 2019, futurezone. Linzer Forscher analysieren Musikgeschmack in verschieden Ländern (in German).

21 June 2019, Linzer Forscher zeigen große Länderunterschiede im Musikgeschmack auf (in German).

21 June 2019, Wiener Zeitung. Musikgeschmäcker und Watschen (in German).

28 May 2018, Christine Bauer on DER STANDARD, Blog: Musik und Technologie. Wie wird ein Song zum Hit? (in German).

17 March 2018, DER STANDARD. Die Qual der Musikwahl (in German).

13 February 2018, Noisey Austria. Roboter statt Popstars: Was bedeutet k√ľnstliche Intelligenz f√ľr die Musikwelt? (in German).

10 September 2016, Wolfram Wessels on SWR2 Mehrspur. Radio reflektiert. Personalisiertes Radio (in German).

16 March 2012, futurezone. This is how Austrian Facebook users tick (in German).

15 March 2012, futurezone. Futurezone-Facebook-Studie: Den Usern wird fad (in German).

14 February 2012, Kurier. WU Wien: Großer Andrang auf Facebook-Studie (in German).

13 February 2012, futurezone. WU Wien: Großer Andrang auf Facebook-Studie (in German).

31 October 2011, DER STANDARD. K√ľnstler brauchen mehr Managementwissen (in German).

28 May 2010, Die Presse. Anna F.: "Live spielen ist das Wichtigste" (in German).